Do Synthetic wigs Endure Hair-Chalk Staining?

Synthetic wigs that are made from 100% heat resistant fiber can be safely dyed; so what can keep them off temporary staining achieved through hair chalks?

Hair chalks can be used on synthetic wigs to obtain new & sassy tresses either by using dip-dyed effect or by creating a frenzy-rainbow effect. Read how you to enhance the beauty of your synthetic wigs using hair-chalks

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How Many Times should I Wash My Synthetic Wigs?

Do you wear synthetic wigs? How often do you wash synthetic wigs? Frequent washing does reduce the quality of your wigs. To keep your wigs look new for a long time, follow these wig care tips.

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Get Annabelle Eyes with Hanabi Gold Circle Lenses

Did the movie scare you? If yes, then how about frightening others at Halloween? Get these I.Fairy Hanabi Gold circle lenses to make your Annabelle costume edgier over others. 

Hanabi Gold by I.Fairy has dramatically huge enlargement that captures the trap very cunningly be its mysterious gazes. Read more about Annabelle cosplay circle lenses if you are thinking to achieve this demonic big eye look at the approaching Halloween.

When it Becomes Crucial to Avoid Contact Lenses …


Contact lenses are generally safe to wear, but they should be avoided in certain conditions that are unusual to daily lives. For instance exposure to chemical fumes, intense heating as in welding, extreme weather conditions such as dry weather etc. 

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Cute Bob Wig : Kuroko Cosplay Wig

Kuroko Cosplay wig is very natural looking, soft, comfortable and adjustable. Can be used for cosplay needs or just for fun 

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Pretty Pink yet Natural Looking Eyes: ICK Garnet Pink Circle Lenses

These are very natural looking pink circle lenses with 42% water content & 15mm enlargement effect. Good for dolly effects

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Halloween Witch Makeup for this Halloween.

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